I entered the Methodist ministry in September 1992 having been called by God ‘to serve Him full time’.

With a lot of factual information, I consider the history of Israel in the light of Gods sovereign eternal plan of salvation and in doing this it also clearly touches Gods heart of love for His chosen nation. The book puts Israel’s history into Biblical perspective and clearly identifies that the survival and restoration of Israel are miracles of Gods faithfulness and intimately caught up in the plans.

My eldest son died of cancer in 1986 after a relatively short illness. That experience and his unswerving witness and faith made a huge impact on me. I helped lead a number of mission teams over the next few years and the experience of being ‘born again’ and receiving the baptism of the Spirit led me into new areas of ministry and preaching as a lay person.




Andrew's Public speaking dates

  • Langtree Methodist Church

    8pm on 27 Feb 2020

    Minor Prophets Bible Study: Habakkuk

    8pm27 Feb 2020
  • Langtree Methodist Church

    7pm on 05 Mar 2020

    Minor Prophets : Haggai (1)

    7pm05 Mar 2020
  • Buckland Brewer Parish Church

    10 am on 08 Mar 2020

    Worship Service

    10 am08 Mar 2020
  • Langtree Methodist Church

    7pm on 12 Mar 2020

    Minor Prophets: Haggai (2)

    7pm12 Mar 2020

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