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Jason the Spider

The Jason the spider stories have been developed over many years of speaking in school assemblies and also giving the ‘children’s address’ during Sunday worship.

Jason came to life with the help of a large fluffy spider on a ‘web string’ who could suddenly drop out of my hand or from behind some screen to tell the story. He was made of wool coloured with grey for age! He had pipe cleaner legs and a pair of large rolling eyes!

The children loved him and were able to link the “J” in Jason with the “J” in Jesus and start to make links into the gospel stories that would enrich their own lives. I had many letters from children over the years. here are some examples:

  • ” Thank you for coming to assembly and telling us about Jason’s adventures when he almost drowned. Bring Jason again.” Hayden – aged 8
  • “Thank you for coming in and bringing Jason and telling that story. It was very good when Jason found out it was Jesus.” Olivia – aged 8
  • “Thank you for coming in and telling us the story of Jairus and his daughter. I was glad that Jason could come and help you tell the story!” Emma – aged 10

Children have brilliant imaginations and when the story is told through a character, they receive it much easier and work with it in their hearts and minds. Over the years many children have responded to the invitation of Jesus to become his followers.

A few years ago I recorded a number of the stories for a local Christian radio broadcast. Many parents told me later how their children had looked forward to the next story ‘on air’…

My prayer is that these little books will help parents and children to begin to seek the truth in Jesus Christ and be amazed at how he fills their lives with joy and love.

Jason the Spider coming to a book shop near you!

The first three ‘Jason the Spider’ books should be published in August/September 2010.

The titles are:

The day Jason was nearly blinded
The day that Jason followed Jesus
The day Jason nearly drowned

The books will be priced at £3.50 each.